the glass ceiling

Bonnie O'Hara
Carole Sutor
Lesley Cadbury
Victoria Richardson
Beth Norgrove
Pat Richardson

The Glass Ceiling

The Equality Act of 2010 gives women and men the right to equal pay for equal work. However, the question of equal pay is a constant issue affecting women in employment. Men earned 18.4% more than women in April 2017. In April 2018 companies with more than 250 employees had to publish their gender pay gap results. The results showed eight in ten companies paid men more than women. The results are shocking and unfair.

Similarly, women feel constrained by ‘The Glass Ceiling’, a metaphor describing the difficulties women experience in rising up the ladder in employment, used in 1978 by Marilyn Loden. It describes ‘a barrier to gender equality’. In December 2017, less than a quarterof FTSE 250 company directorships were held by women.